2019 Floodplain Management Australia National Conference
14-17 May 2019, Hotel Realm, Canberra ACT

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First Name Last Name Paper Title
Ailsa Schofield &
Lauren Turner
Sea-Ing Change - Land Use And Emergency Planning For Existing And Future Flood Risk Due To Sea Level Rise
Ainslie Frazer Local Overland Flooding - The Nsw Experience 
Benjamin Regan &
Dwayne Honor
Floodplain Risk Management In Practice The Burnett River Experience 
Brett Anderson
Bryson Bates Revision Of Australian Rainfall And Runoff - The Interim Climate Change Guideline 
Cameron Druery Flood Forecasting - What Can You Do With Your Data? 
Cathie Barton Brisbane River Catchment Flood Study: Comprehensive Hydraulic Assessment Overview
Chris Ryan Conceptual And Technical Challenges In Defining Flood Planning Areas In Urban Catchments 
Chrissie Bloss Building Community Awareness Of Flood Risk In South Australia 
Craig Mackay Large Scale Flexible Mesh 2d Modelling Of The Lower Namoi Valley 
Crispin Smythe Flood Forecast Mapping Sans Modelling 
David Trebilcock Integrating Flood Modelling And Emergency Risk Assessment: Do We Have The Data We Need? 
David Webber &
Elspeth Rae
Reliance Towards Resilience - A Paradigm Shift To Involve Community In The Planning Process 
David Carlisle
David Kirby Flood Integrated Decision Support System For Melbourne 
Duncan McLuckie Improving National Best Practice In Flood Risk Management 
Edward Pikusa The National Emergency Risk Assessment Guidelines: The Bumpy Road To National Consistency 
Ellen Davidge
Frankie Carroll Building It Back Better To Reduce Risks After Multiple Disaster Events 
Ferdinand Diermanse Flood Resilience: European Experience 
Gavin Fields
Grantley Smith Delineating Hazardous Flood Conditions To People And Property 
Greg Rogencamp Flood Risk Management Prioritisation Frameworks 
Hamid Mirfenderesk An Enhanced Flood Forecasting And Decision Support System For The Gold Coast 
James Charalambous Disaster Management Tool - Brisbane River 2d Gpu Model 
James O'Brien
James Davidson
Janice Green
Kieran McAndrew &
Michael Stubbs
Knowing When To Get Them Out - Improving Flood Evacuation Planning Through Flood Modelling And Stakeholder Involvement 
Leanne Salter Tardis - Making Rainfall And Water Level Data Accessible And Useful 
Leonie Gray Flood Detention Basins - Protection Or Risk? The Dilemma Faced By Nsw Councils 
Marcus Morgan The Consent Authority And The Combat Agency Relationship Revisited - Has Anything Changed? 
Mark Forest
Margaret Strelow It Is Hard To Love A Levee 
Martin Rose &
Andrew Gray
Coffs Harbour Flood Warning System
Mark Babister A New Way Of Examining Emergency Response Time And The Benefits Gained From Management Measures 
Melanie Schwecke Risk To Life Policy - Shelter Or Flee? A Case Study In Pittwater Council 
Monique Retallick Implications Of The New Arr For Floodplain Management 
Mohammad Mojtahedi A Stakeholder Proactive Approach to Floodplain Risk Management for the NSW Built Environment
Michael Shapland
Narelle Poole Landswap - Local Government And Community Working Together For Sustainable Community Outcomes 
Neil Dufty Why Getting People To Write An Emergency Plan May Not Be The Best Approach 
Paul Hart
Peter Johnson Comparison Of Direct Rainfall And Lumped-Conceptual Rainfall Runoff Routing Methods In Tropical North Queensland - A Case Study Of Low Drain, Mount Low, Townsville. 
Phil Ryan Brisbane River Catchment Flood Study: 1d Models Are Back! – Monte Carlo Hydraulic Model Analysis
Phil Young
Rik Whitehead &
Selina Stillman
Flood Ready Agriculture - Building On Resilience 
Robert Baker Taking A Difficult Message To The Community 
Robert  Baker Taking A Difficult Message To The Community - Peer Review
Robert McGlinn &
Evan Caswell
Floodwise: A Flash Flooding Emergency Management Tool 
Roger Brewster Brisbane River Catchment Floodplain Studies: Cooperative Planning For Better Flood Resilience 
Scott Moffett Queensland's State-Of-The-Art Flood Early Warning System Pioneered At Oakey Township
Simon Rodgers 40 Years Of Floodplain Management In Perth : A Report Card 
Stephen Yeo Effects Of Disclosure Of Flood-Liability On Residential Property Values: An Update
Steven Molino Rethinking Flooding As A Town Planning Opportunity Not A Constraint 
Sue Ribbons Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley Flood Management Review — Developing A Strategy Where Flood Depth Can Be Nine Metres Above Flood Planning Level 
Tariq Maqsood A Schema To Categorise Residential Buildings In Australian Floodplains 
Terry Kefalianos Managing Flood Risk In Urban Renewal Areas - A Case Study Of Constraints And Opportunities In Green Square 
Viktor Brenners The Development Of Coastal Flooding Policy In Victoria 

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